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10 Valentine’s Day-Perfect Hairstyles

While most of us have been obsessing about the clothing to be worn on Valentine’s Day this week, there is one thing people often forget about until the last minute… your hair! While the right dress or outfit certainly can set the mood, what really changes the ambience of the moment is the way you have dressed up your hair, from eloquent and sophisticated to fun and flirty and even the more innocence of youth designs. There is always a new way to wear those tresses, no matter how long or short your hair may be. Plus, there are some that are just too perfect with certainhair colors. In order to help you decide on how exactly to finish up your look, we have put together a list of 10 pretty Valentine’s Day-worthy hairstyles.

#1: Pretty Twisted Half Up Hairstyle

If you like to twist your hair around a lot, then it might do to wear it in this particular design. It is sweet and fun, and quite perfect for the holidays, any type really. It has a romantic feel perfect for the day of love, a hairstyle fit for Valentine’s Day. If you want extra length, you can add in extensions.

First, pull your hair half up and secure, before taking out another section under it from around your ears and twisting them to the side. Hold in place with your hand as you fluff it out and secure with bobby pins. Take a section from the half up next, right on top of the rolled bit you have fastened in place, and do the same thing, pinning it beside the lower roll. The rest left on top you roll the opposite way, securing under the lowest roll. And that is it! It is easy, full of twists and rolls and perfect for any party you might be attending.

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#2: The Double Dutch Braid Bun

An awesome look to use on any given day of the year, but especially romantic as a Valentine’s Day hairstyle, this look consists of you Dutch braining both sides of a center part and tying it in the back with a clear elastic before loosening them up a bit and making them look that much chunkier. The remaining hair should be sectioned off and braided into a three-strand braid at the bottom, leaving a good chunk unbraided over it. Take the hair left and combining with the braids, make a messy bun, wrapping the braids around it. Pin it in place, spray something to hold it as is and voila!

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#3: Boho Braided Hair

This one is fairly easy and great for the girl who has a boho chic sense of style, sporty but girly at the same time, with barely a care in the world that she is willing to show off. It is a great Valentine’s Day hairstyle, working best on thick red hair, the Dutch braid along the crows nice and big, before the mass of hair is pulled into a mid-length ponytail, not too high, nor too low. The hair cascading down the back is there parted, with a small bit from one side braided beautifully so that it tapers off and blends in with the rest of the long, unruly hair. Positively delightful!

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#4: Seashell Braid

If we are thinking romantic and sophisticated at the same time, this is probably the look we are going for. It is a gorgeous Dutch fishtail braid version. The best tip is that the larger the sections used, the quicker you finish with this rather easy design. Start with a Dutch fishtail from your temple, crossing under and adding hair as you go, until you reach the neck, where you taper off into a reverse fishtail. Secure the end, stretch out the hair and roll the end of the braid into a bun, thus creating a shell.

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#5: Simple Clipped Hair

If we are talking Valentine’s Day hairstyles, we must mention the shoulder length look that is great at making the facial features pop. This means that no matter how short or long the hair, you can give it that special look. Here, you will not need bobby pins, but instead will require a lovely clip for your hair, maybe even a hair comb with lovely designs in order to prevent the strands in front from falling into your eyes. Lightly wave the hair itself, before pulling the first few strands from the side part each way it has been combed, securing it in place with a dark pin or something that is more likely to catch the eye.

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#6: Heart Braid Hairstyle

Nothing says you are ready for the day of love better than a heart in your hair, created from pretty braids that have been twisted just so. You can thus literally wear your heart in your hair, perfect for Valentine’s Day. Take a one-inch section from your hair and do a simple three-strand braid. Do the same thing with a section a good gap apart from the first but level with it, before twisting each one to resemble the top of a heart and then connecting the ends, all sections secured with bobby pins.

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#7: Twist and Mermaid Braid

We love long hair. And then there is extra-long hair that has been twisted and braided to our delight. Romantic hairstyles are a dime a dozen but this look is definitely worth creating, with a strand taken from just above the ears and twist across, fastening into place. There is a headband added over the crown, with a few little tendrils brought forward on one side to give a more innocent and youthful appeal. The hair left is then pulled lightly to the side as it is braided, the plait played with so that some strands appear thick then others, but all are used to create this lovely mermaid look.

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#8: Colorful Triple Braids

If you have colorful candy hair, this particular style will look amazing with it. You need to section off the hair from the crown into three parts, strands that you will use to plait down the back of the head, but only using the hair from the crown. The rest of the tresses will fall underneath the triple plaits that give a rather diversified cornrow appeal, the punk loving Valentine’s Day ladies getting to enjoy a bit of a not so very feminine look.

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#9: Pretty, Messy Braid

The cuteness factor is also important in a Valentine’s Day hairstyle, which means that this cute and messy braid that is all too pretty is exactly what you should be rooting for. Give yourself a side part from the crown, while leaving the rest of the hair to fall down the back, without making the part too long. Dutch braid both sides so that you have gorgeous plaits heading to the back of the head, where they are fastened together. From there you begin to braid the rest of the hair, keeping the strands wide and adding in some texture. You want it to look full and thick. Braid down to the end and then decide on either pulling over the shoulder or leaving down the back.

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles

#10: Braided Side Swirls

It does not actually look much like a chignon, but this style is great when there is more than a single color in your hair. It is like a Dutch braided updo, where you part deep from the side and use the hair where there is most to define the Dutch braid. As you get down to the neck, just continue straight down, from when you will then take the tail and slip under the Dutch region, effectively creating a side updo. This can go great with any number of outfits as well, while looking chic, sophisticated and plain fun, depending on how you dress it up. If you are able, keep the center part of the Dutch close, while fanning out the edges, thus creating a lovely fishtail in Dutch illusion.

10 Valentine's Day-Perfect Hairstyles