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Carolyn Murphy for Oscar de la Renta Spring 2016 Campaign

If you’ve seen Oscar de la Renta’s SS 2016 collection that is inspired by the Spanish sensitivity and elegance, you’ve probably been waiting for the ad campaign together with us. As much as we love the fashion weeks, we are always in admiration for the campaign month, where designers put their work in context, setting, and mood, which is far more expressive than the standard runway shows. We get to see their pinboards and visions come to live. And Oscar de la Renta’s pinboards must be very heavy, because the new spring 2016 ad campaign is luxurious and bursting with emotions.

Carolyn Murphy for Oscar de la Renta Spring 2016 Campaign

It should be accepted as a fact; Oscar de la Renta’s designs deserve to be in creative ad campaigns, not soullessly hanging in stores or being ruthlessly photographed by dozens on a runway. They are so breathtaking that each dress deserves its own spotlight and a gentle photographer’s talent to guide them through the campaign.

At first, the Spanish influence of the collection led us the wrong way with out ideas; we were expecting lavish interiors in Southern Spain regions like Andalusia, where the culture pot is always boiling, but no, Oscar de la Renta went with New York City, the center of the modern world. The Oscar de la Renta spring 2016 ads feature New York’s Hispanic Society of America, which is nothing less than the grand Andalusian buildings we were picturing earlier.

Walnut brown interior serves as an ideal contrast for these artistic designs. A beautiful American model and actress, Carolyn Murphy takes on the role of the campaign muse, showcasing the amazing garments with a touch of elegance and gentle character. Just like the collection, you will notice both softness and sophistication in her poses.

The campaign is seen through the lens of the British photographer David Sims, a pretty versatile artist known for tough and daring shots. The outfits were styled by Alex White, while makeup is the courtesy of Diane Kendal. For the slick hairstyles, we should send our bravos to Guido Palau.

This is one of the few, very unique campaigns where despite the use of a very cultural background, the designs don’t suffer from lack of attention. There is no way you cannot notice the designs, while enjoying the overall atmosphere as well.

You can also see the light dose of drama and femininity dripping out of these images. The silhouettes look magical on Murphy’s waxy figure. And although there might be some Photoshop and makeup involved, the ads look incredible in an artistic perspective.

The Oscar de la Renta spring/summer 2016 campaign was met with overwhelmingly positive feedback the moment it went live. All reactions were about the elegance the ads displayed. It looks like Oscar de la Renta found the recipe for keeping the fans happy. It’s all about presenting a masterpiece collection, and then hitting the market with a comeback like this. Elegant, inspiring, and a must-see!