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Chanel Embossed Chevron Boy Bag

I really adore the Boy Bag and it keeps amaze me with new looks. The Chanel Boy Embossed Chevron Bag is one of the new styles to look for. If you want to switch taste from diamond quilting to chevron, then take this opportunity to carry a new design. Maybe the Embossed Chevron

Chanel Chain Infinity SLG

When Coco Chanel invented the 2.55 Bag, it came with all-chain. The leather woven chain strap was released much later. Today we see the woven-chain-leather as one of the icon of Chanel. It’s an unseparated piece like the Camellia Flower and the CC logo. For the Fall Winter 2019 Collection, this woven

Chanel Trendy CC in Large and Small Quilting

We thought it was quite interesting to feature an existing design with different twist. The Chanel Trendy CC WOC has become one of the top styles in the Wallet On Chain Collection. However, Chanel has created a new choice – they added large quilting to change the overall look. Will it become our

Chanel Fall-Winter Pre-Collection Flap Bag

IMAGE: CHANEL No, this isn’t the Classic Flap that you know and love, but one that’s simply classed as the Flap Bag, for the simple reaosn that while it looks like one on the outside, there isn’t the double flap compartment within. The flip side? This also means that the bag will be a