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Dior Mini Book Tote

IMAGE: DIOR It is time to set the record straight. What everyone has been calling theSmall Book Tote (you know, the smaller than original size that’s still not available in Singapore or our region) is actually officially called the Mini Book Tote. Yes, simply do a search on Dior’s online site and it will

Dior Embroidered Flowers On Bag Collection

Lady Dior Embroidered Flowers On Bag Size: 24 x 20 x 11 cm Price: €4350 EUR, £4100 GBP It’s that time of the year where flowers blossom and the sun shines bright. Can you already feel the summer? And what kind of bag would you be carrying? Dior has a special announcement to make.

Dior x Rimowa Personal

You’ve seen this mini case at Dior’s Spring-Summer 2020 runway show by Kim Jones, as well as pictures of its exterior which comes in colours likeBlack, Silver and Pink, but have been guessing what it can actually fit. Could it just be an aluminium case to store your mobile device? Or an elevated version of