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Last year Dior introduced a new series of modern handbags that replaces the old classics. The Diorevolution Pouch (Dior + Evolution, the name already explains itself) is one of them. However, the Diorevolution consists more than just a pouch bag, there is also a shoulder bag version, a handle flap bag version and Croisiere

Get Your First Look at Dior’s Pre-Fall 2016 Bags, the First After the Departure of Raf Simons

As we reported back in October, Raf Simons has left Dior; his Spring 2016 collection was the last as the brand's short-lived but wildly successful creative director. Dior hasn't named a replacement yet, and until the brand does, collections will keep coming, but they'll be designed by the company's in-house team. The

Dior Adds New Blossom Tote, Backpacks to Pre-Fall 2016 Bag Lineup and We Have All the Pics

At the moment, Dior is in a holding pattern. Spring 2016 was Raf Simons's last seasonas the brand's creative director and parent company LVMH has yet to name his replacement; there was a similar gap between Simons's appointment and the ouster of predecessor John Galliano. Dior has a history and heritage like few


Gorgeous isn’t? It’s the Lady Dior Bag with Chain, but what does that mean? Is this not just another Lady Dior Bag? Yes it is, but a different type. The original Lady Dior Bags were crafted with leather shoulder strap, but there are other variation now. Like the My Ladior Bag where you can


This year Dior has moved beyond their comfort zone by creating gorgeous handbags with studs and stars. This new Stars Collection has just been released and it’s now packed with small accessories like cardholders, wallets and the WOC. So without further due, here are the Dior Stars Wallets from the Cruise 2018 Collection. The


The Lady Dior Biker Clutch has the face of the Lady Dior Wallet On Chain Pouch, but it has the functionality of the DiorAddict Clutch With Chain. This Clutch is a new item from the Cruise 2018 Collection and it features the latest additions like the new DIOR Charm. But anyways, everything that comes


The Diorama Wallet Collection is quite extended. You have the Diorama Flap Wallet, the Yen Wallet, theCroisiere Club Wallet, the Rendez-Vous Wallet, the Elancee Wallet. And now a new edition has arrived, it’s the Diorama French Wallet. This is good news though, there are more options and thus more choices.