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The Return of the Black and Gold Antigona

Obviously, there’s not enough Antigona to go around. There’s always a new unique one around the corner, every season it seems there’s something to excite you. Just when I though I’ve had my fill, there’s something else that makes me want to share another Antigona for you. I’m not sure when

A Special Givenchy Antigona

From time to time, there’s a staple design that has a twist that makes it unique.   Black bags can get boring, but with enough bells and whistles, it can become interesting. We’ve come across some unique Antigonas from time to time, even exotics. But this one’s special. Of course it carries


Since 1952, Givenchy has been known as the fashion company with plenty of style and attitude. It’s modern design combines contemporary construction with feminine tone. There’s really no question why Givenchy has been noted as one of the most popular handbags companies in the world. Woman everywhere have dreamed of