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Loewe F/W19 Gate Bumbag

IMAGE: LOEWE The Gate made its debut at Loewe’s Spring-Summer 2018 runway show, and it’s pretty amazing seeing how far it has come, now available in many sizes and even more materials from full leather to woven raffia. Top it all off with a chic knotted belt detailing right in front, and you’ve got a


Last time we talked about the Missy Bag, which is a pretty bag, but it reminds us of the Fendi By The Way Bag. However, we found one that it’s quite daring and unique. And best of all, it matches great to the summer season. It’s called the Loewe Woven Basket Bag and it’s

Loewe Zipper Bag

IMAGE: @WALNUTCRUST FOR LOEWE Loewe’s Zipper Bag is an interesting one. Seemingly simple from the front, look at it from above and you’d actually see not one, not two, but three zippers (yes, that’s how the bag got its name, by the way) that all open into their own individual compartments. All lined

Loewe Hammock Bag

It’s one bag – ONE bag – and it has multiple looks – MULTIPLE! When we first touched on the wonders of what the Hammock Bag is, it left me with a lingering ache in my heart. One, I had hoped it will survive the hand bag fashion world, where every brand is

Loewe Small Puzzle In Silver Repeat Anagram

IMAGE: LOEWE It’s not hard to figure out why the Puzzle is such a success, Loewe’s first ‘it’ bag after J.W. Anderson took over the Spanish luxury house’s creative reins some seasons back. Besides its unusual shape (yes, it isn’t really rectangle and neither is it a trapezoid), there is something pretty magical