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Celebs Do a 90s Redux with Bags from Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent

Celebs are rapidly embracing more and more trends from the 1990s, and I swear the Hadid sisters are largely to blame. Nothing is more 90s than wearing sneakers with literally any outfit...except maybe neon floral patterns. Or denim jackets. Or oversized sweatshirts. Or high and tight ponytails. Or Marc Jacobs

Saint Laurent Monogram Chain Wallet In Neon

IMAGE: SAINT LAURENT It can get pretty confusing identifying the Monogram Chain Wallet from another Saint Laurent favourite (the Envelope Chain Wallet), but apart from the similarities like the YSL hardware logo, quilted overstitching and angular front flap, there are considerable differences between the two. For one, the Envelope Chain Wallet comes with just 6 card slots,

Saint Laurent: The End Of Sac de Jour?

IMAGE: SAINT LAURENT Here’s a little refresher on the Sac de Jour, which was the subject of comparisons with Hermès’ iconic Birkin when it was first launched. From its shape (complete with top handle), to the pared-down minimalistic exterior, and even right down to details like the tabbed gussets and clochette, the similarities were pretty