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Gucci Ultrapace Sneakers

IMAGE: GUCCI If Gucci’s Ace Sneaker is made for the minimalistic fashionista who loves a clean-looking upper that’s lightly embellished, then its younger sibling, the all-new Ultrapace Sneaker, is perfect for individuals on the other end of the spectrum, thanks to its brilliant combination of materials and contrasting logo elements that adorn the sneaker

Off-White ODSY-1000 Sneakers

IMAGE: OFF-WHITE Here’s a piece of good news for those of you patiently waiting for the launch of Off-White’s ODSY-1000 Sneakers, as it will land in Singapore’s Off-White boutique on 19 August 2019. Essentially an eclectic combination of hiking and trail running elements merged into one hybrid sneaker, it officially takes the

Hermès Villa Sandal

IMAGE: HERMÈS Many of you are familiar with the Kelly’s iconic lock, or the relatively simple H logo found on the Clic Clac and the Constance, both of which are icons featured as hardware elements on the respective leather goods. But Hermès is also introducing newer designs in recent times, such as this openwork hardware detailing above

Gucci Tweed Jordaan Loafers

IMAGE: GUCCI Not to be confused with your favourite Princetown Slippers, the Jordaan Loafers are in fact an entire range that stands (no pun intended) on its own, though it can get confusing distinguishing the two as they share a similar silhouette, down to the iconic gold-toned horse-bit logo on the upper that’s a

6 Pairs That Are Trending Right Now

Trends change like the wind, and despite the fact that I studied the cyclical nature of trends in college and currently work in the fashion industry, I sometimes find it hard to keep up myself. Handbag trends are of course the easiest thing for me to keep track of, as

TOD’S Factory: TOD’S Happy Moments By Alber Elbaz

IMAGE: TOD’S So what exactly has Alber Elbaz been up to since his departure from that now flailing fashion house? Well, being happy, of course. More specifically, working on a special collection with Tod’s for the Happy Moments by Alber Elbaz capsule. Given free reign to do exactly what he wanted (now that’s

J’Adior Shoes Reinvented

J’Adior Embroidered 6.5 cm Pump Prices: $1090 USD, €890 EUR, £830 GBP, ¥118000 JPY Bags and Shoes are like inseparable siblings that can make us go crazy. And as you might know, J’Adior is the new Shoe Collection of Dior not so long ago. The designs of these shoes are more than just gorgeous; they’re made

What Shoes To Wear With Flared Pants

You may love your cigarette coupes, but you are definitely going to cave in and buy flared pieces sometime during this year, and you will not regret it for a second, especially when you know what shoes to wear with your flared pants. Flared pants are in, from denims to suede to