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Off-White ODSY-1000 Sneakers


Here’s a piece of good news for those of you patiently waiting for the launch of Off-White’s ODSY-1000 Sneakers, as it will land in Singapore’s Off-White boutique on 19 August 2019. Essentially an eclectic combination of hiking and trail running elements merged into one hybrid sneaker, it officially takes the crown as Off-White’s chunkiest (in terms of height and width) footwear ever created to date. The best part? It comes with all your favourite icons associated with the house, from the rounded arrow logo at the sides to the yellow industrial pull-loop to the 3D “SHOELACES” print and zip tie tag that adorns the shoe’s upper.

The other plus point about the ODSY-1000 Sneakers? It’s big on comfort, with a padded inner lining and the open-cut foam tongue that practically wraps like a snug cushion around your feet. The spiked sole, on the other hand, (reminiscent of the ones found on the Nike’s Off-White collab, theZoom Terra Kiger 5, that was released a couple of months ago), is a design element that provides enhanced grip.

Priced at SGD1120 a pair , the made-in-Italy sneakers will come in two colour combinations shown above, with sizes ranging from EU35 toEU39. Note that the colours and sizes stated above is predominantly catered for women, while the bigger sizes for men will only be launched later. And if you are keen on the latter, you can always swing by the boutique and leave your name to be informed the moment it arrives. As for the ladies who want in on a pair ASAP, you know what to do now.