Fauré Le Page Carry On

IMAGE: BAGAHOLICBOY Fauré Le Page has a rather interesting way of classifying its pieces, starting from the Pochette range which includes zippered pouches and the Pochette Cal (otherwise known as the gun pouch in layman terms) to the Ceremonial Arms collection that comprises more refined silhouettes like Calibre and Parade Soft, bags that come with a simple top handle and

Chanel Embossed Chevron Boy Bag

I really adore the Boy Bag and it keeps amaze me with new looks. The Chanel Boy Embossed Chevron Bag is one of the new styles to look for. If you want to switch taste from diamond quilting to chevron, then take this opportunity to carry a new design. Maybe the Embossed Chevron

Chloe Aby Bag

Whatever Chloe designs, it will becoming an instant-hit overtime. The Chloe Aby Lock Bag will take over the spotlight, just like the Chloe Drew Bag. In all these years, Chloe has been reinventing the Handle Bag and so far they’re going the right way. The AbyLock is not just 1 style, but

Hermès Silk’In Wallet

IMAGE: HERMÈS Think of Hermès SLGs and a number of designs immediately come to mind. There’s the full-leather wallets like Bearn, Dogon and Kelly, as well as bi-material versions like the contemporary Silk’In wallets in Epsom calfskin exterior that’s paired with a printed silk twill interior. The silk print typically changes from season to season, coming in a variety of