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The Celine Studs Collection is a new Spring 2018 Line. The handbags are quite different – like the Oversized Studs Bag that we’ve just shared. These bags need to be tested through time, to see whether it can join the classics. But here’s the new addition; the Celine Studs Cabas Bag. The Design Just like


Did you know? About the Celine Tab Bag? Yes, it’s a brand-new handbag from the Spring 2018 Collection. Well, besides being pretty, this handbag is quite useful and practical. At Celine, you never need to worry about the quality, because it’s superb. Now let’s go obsessive and talk about the Tab Bag

95 Pics of Céline’s Summer 2017 Bags

CÉLINE I love lookbook season. It's like school picture day, except for handbags. Designers get them all dressed up and ready to be enshrined in their official portraits, and then, when everything has been perfectly color-corrected and annotated, we get to see the yearbook. Lookbook season is nigh, and hot on

Top 10 Favorite Celine Bags

Celine is one of my favorite designer handbag brands. I love Celine handbags for their minimalist designs, stunning colors, and incredible leather (Celine leathers smell so so good)! Since I can’t have them all, I will let out my love by sharing my top 10 favorite Celine handbags ranked in the

The Many Bags of Céline Dion

Celine Dion brightens up Paris in a colourful coat and matching handbag as she prepares for another gig She's had a difficult year following the death of her husband and brother. However, Celine Dion is certainly surrounding herself with positive vibes as she brightened up proceedings in a colourful coat. The Canadian singer,

Céline Releases First-Ever 2017 Bags

Like most brands, Céline usually distributes photos and information about its upcoming collections about six months in advance, and thanks to the wonders of social media, that information then becomes widely available public knowledge almost immediately. Some brands love that (Chanel, for one, which turns all of its debuts into