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Chanel Side Pearl Classic Bag

We have seen a lot of Pearl Bags, don’t we? Pearl handle, pearl chain, pearl clasp, pearl quilting, but who could ever thought that there would be a ‘side pearl’ bag. Straight from the Spring Summer 2020 Bag Collection, if you’re Chanel Pearl Bag collector, then it’s now the perfect opportunity for

Chanel Large Shopping Bag With Signature Plate

Remember the Classic Large Tote? There is a bit smaller version but perhaps more suprising because it’s slightly different. Introduced for the Fall Winter 2019 Collection, take a look: So what is different? The CC logo has a bit vintage appearance, but more importantly, if you look at the inside, the center features

Chanel Embossed Chevron Boy Bag

I really adore the Boy Bag and it keeps amaze me with new looks. The Chanel Boy Embossed Chevron Bag is one of the new styles to look for. If you want to switch taste from diamond quilting to chevron, then take this opportunity to carry a new design. Maybe the Embossed Chevron

Chanel Gold Class CC Handle Bag

For the top handle fans that are looking beyond the Coco Handle Bag, here is one that’s perfect for everyday use, yet it’s a nice limited piece from the Fall Winter 2019 Collection. We call it the Golden Class CC Bag because it looks very much like the Golden Class Bag thanks to the

Chanel Gold Circle C Bag

Looking for something fresh? The Chanel Gold Circle C Bag from the Pre-Fall 2019 Collection is the new gold bag. If you were living in places like Dubai or you want to express your fashion to the world, this would be the perfect option. The gold will help you steal the spotlight wherever you

Chanel XXL Bag Has 2 Sizes

You read it right; we’re going to talk about one of our favorite topics. The Chanel XXL Bag, which was introduced a few years ago as the biggest Classic Bag ever made in history, much bigger than the Maxi Bag. But now there is big news and it’s not a rumor.

Chanel So Black Gabrielle Bag

Adding to the limited edition So Black Collection, the Chanel Gabrielle Bag has just joined the party. For the Fall Winter 2019 Collection, the chevron version has been introduced in beautiful aged calfskin. Aged calfskin is special leather that’s mostly used on the Reissue 2.55 Bag. The leather is durable and feels a bit crumple and

Chanel Chain Infinity Handle Bag

You adore the Coco Handle Bag? Or you just like any Handle Bag made from Chanel. Well, there is a new one in town and it’s called the Chanel Infinity Handle Bag. I definitely like this style. The price is not much different than the Coco Handle Bag, but the style is totally

Chanel Chain Leather Link Bag

My favorite bag from the Fall Winter 2019 Collection is the Chanel Chain Leather Link Bag. It’s a seasonal piece, but it’s truly love at first sight. The design is more than just Chanel if look beyond the details. The body shines, the chain is attention-grabbing and it’s a new style. Take a deeper