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Chanel Sneakers Pre Fall 2017 Reference

Chanel Sneakers Pre Fall 2017 features several collections with different colors. In addition to the classic white, Chanel has also released metallic colors like silver and basics like blue and gray. Chanel Sneakers Pre Fall 2017 collection consists of calfskin and velvet. Velvet comes in red, blue and gray. Other


Every season, Chanel never fails to surprise us with their latest styles of the Boy Bag. No matter how they recreate it with different leather, quilting and adornments, there’s something special about the Boy Bag that speaks and appeals most to bag enthusiasts. Here’s the Boy Chanel Chevron Stitched Flap

Chanel: Singapore’s First Ephemeral Boutique To Open At Marina Bay Sands

IMAGE: CHANEL According to Merriam-Webster, ephemeral means to last for a very short time. It is how Chanel describes their pop-up boutiques, that for the longest time have only appeared in the most exotic of locales like Courchevel, Le Marais and Saint-Tropez, just to name a few. Come 16 June 2017, however, Singapore will join the


Fresh from the racks of Chanel’s Spring Summer 2017 Collection, these Boy Chanel Triangle Wallets are some fashionable pieces you’d want to be seen carrying around. Offering a fresh take when it comes to playing with colors, it’s a new design that’s only available this season, so grab then when

Best Makeup Chanel Fall Winter 2017 2018

Best Makeup Chanel from the latest runway stage fall winter is an incredible piece of work. Tom Pecheux, the makeup in giving the model performed with mesmerizing. Stylish hairdo volume at the top of Sam McKnight inspired by Jane Fonda in 1968 in the film Barbararella, which are then combined


For all the Chanel lovers out there, take a deep breath and be ready as the Chanel Trendy CC Flap Bag is here to change your everyday styling edits. The fame of the Chanel Trendy CC Bag is never-ending and we’ve always loved the tote bag edition. But for the Spring