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Fendi Nano Baguette Bag

An iconic bag that’s as small as your wallet. It’s micro version of the Fendi Baguette Bag and you’re gonna love it. Perhaps it’s even a better choice than a Wallet On Chain due to its cuteness. The Baguette Bag has been with the house for some time and it’s popularity is well-known. The style

Fendi Double F Handle Bag

Because of the new Fendi Double F Handle Bag, there might be a challenge when you want to buy the Fendi By The Way Bag. Both of them are Short Handle Bags. The Double F Collection is already well known. One of the main details is the double FF logo, which

Fendi Resort 2020 Bag

Fendi has always done its own thing. Whether you like it or not, there are no substitute for these handbag designs. They are as fresh as the By The Way Bag. For the Resort 2020 Collection, there are several retro’s and few new handbags. Here are our two favorites: It’s a sophisticated shoulder

How Big Of A Bag Is The Fendi Baguette Large Bag?

Reinventing the iconic Fendi Baguette Bag with a modern touch is what’s going on here. The FF Motif is the new flaunting tool as well as the oversized FF logo in gold hardware. When the Baguette FF Motif Bag was released, we’ve featured it on our site. But guess what? There is another story to

Fendi Bag Charms

Your life will be complete with the latest Fendi Bag Charms. And no, we’re not talking about the Bag Bug Charms. We are talking about fashion pieces that are much cuter, amazing and fabulous. They’re must-haves for bag lovers. They are… Are you ready? The iconic micro version of the Selleria Baguette Bag. It’s

Fendi Shopper Bag

It has just been launched, but we want to inform about a great bag. The bag of 2019 and certainly it’s made for the right moment – the summer. It’s stylish, robust and it flaunts effortless. Meet the Fendi Shopper Bag, yes we know! The name sounds too simple. There are now


It was introduced in the Fall Winter 2017 Runway and we couldn’t help but thinking about it. If you’ve found a handbag as micro as the Kan I Bag and everything looks gorgeous and cute, you will want to get your hands on it. You can compare this to the


‘Wow’ is the right word to describe Fendi’s Fall Winter 2017 Runway. First thing first – the bag is made with a front flap and the center is where all the beauty lies. The new FENDI logo is crafted in hardware, the ‘Reversed F’ is put in a


A new and beautiful Fendi bag is here to conquer the fashion world with its exquisite elegance and simplicity. Ladies, take a good look at this Fendi Flap Shoulder Strap and you might find it hard not to admire and think highly of. Fendi’s modernized design has been lovingly crafted from