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15 Patriotic Handbags Perfect for the Fourth of July

Happy (almost) Independence Day! Here at PurseBlog, we're using the Fourth of July (along with every other major holiday) as an excuse to buy a new bag. Hey, can you blame us? This time around, we have our eyes on anything red, white, and blue (or denim). Lucky for you, we

Celebrities Have Strong Feelings About Red Handbags

Celebrities have come together to make a clear statement about something they care very deeply about: red handbags. Is red symbolic? Is it meant to raise awareness about meaningful issues? No, absolutely not. It's just extremely on-trend this week, and possibly this season. (We reserve the right to revise our


2017 has seen an almost unparalleled proliferation of handbags for women coming to the market. This development has, in all likelihood, resulted from increased demand for more functional handbags which still retain their inherent fashionable design. As a discerning woman therefore, you cannot afford top settle for anything less than the best


Well! There are times when you can leave the house in sweatpants and no makeup, and times when you are a Victoria Secret model who has flown to Paris to appear clad in lingerie during the brand’s annual televised runway show. Suffice it to say, these Angels and VS models did not

10 Handbags That Will Never Go Out Of Style

While having the newest handbag straight off the runway can transform any female into an instant fashionista, the truth is that some things never go out of style. While handbags from designers like Hermès, Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Fendi, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, Bottega Ventea and Balenciaga are always setting trends


Now that we've finished gorging ourselves on Christmas cookies, New Year's Eve champagne and everything in between, the first regular work week of 2016 is upon us. While you might be feeling a little lethargic and disoriented, we're ready to help you hit the ground running. Well, as far as

Spring/ Summer 2016 Headwear Trends

While having your private wardrobe designed with all its necessary shelves for garment pieces, shoes and handbags, mind not to drop the ball and add another extra shelf for your headwear, the main warrant of your mysterious and off-center look. Now, we are inviting you to collectively make a tour