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Hermès Silk’In Wallet

IMAGE: HERMÈS Think of Hermès SLGs and a number of designs immediately come to mind. There’s the full-leather wallets like Bearn, Dogon and Kelly, as well as bi-material versions like the contemporary Silk’In wallets in Epsom calfskin exterior that’s paired with a printed silk twill interior. The silk print typically changes from season to season, coming in a variety of

Get Ready For The New Hermes Bag? A Herbag Zip Lookalike?

The crowd went absolutely wild after Hermes introduced a new bag. They didn’t provide much information, so we’re still looking for some updates. If you know more, please do let us know in the comment section. Here’s what we know so far: Someone on the Instagram suggested that the bag looks like

Hermès Bain New Yachting Case

IMAGE: HERMÈS It comes as no surprise that Hermès has recently unveiled an all-new version of its popular Flat Yachting Pouch, judging by the fact that they are almost always snapped up the moment they land in stores. Case in point? Earlier this year, the Parisian luxury brand introduced a one-off neoprene version

Celebs Trek Around the World with Gucci and Hermès

TV show sets have been good to us in recent years. Younger has filmed in NYC for six seasons now, and with a Gossip Girl reboot on the horizon, we feel our cup runneth over. But Darren Star's new Lily Collins vehicle, Emily in Paris, looks particularly enticing as it films its first ten episodes

Hermes Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine Bag

The Kelly and the Birkin Bags are no doubt the most popular handbags in the Hermes Collection. However, the Herbag Zip Bag is also a natural choice for a lot of bag lovers thanks to the design that looks similar to the Kelly Bag and the cheaper price tag. But

Hermès Clic H & Clic Clac H Rainbow Bracelets

IMAGE: HERMÈS Any self-professed Hermès fan who owns at least one or more (ok, no one’s judging) Clic H or Clic Clac H bracelet(s) in their lifetime will definitely be familiar with the differences between the two. But for those of you reading about (or even seeing) the bracelet for the very first time, here’s

Hermes Bags For Kids

You can buy a small or nano bag and spoil your kids with a cute designer bag. For example, the Hermes Mini Kelly Bag is super cute and depending on the age, it can be carried by kids. However, you can also choose to purchase one of special bag designs for children,

Hermès Medor Infini Double Tour Bracelets

IMAGE: BAGAHOLICBOY The Medor pyramid studs on your Collier de Chien bracelets are no longer just a decorative element; it’s now expanded into a whole new range of fashion jewellery pieces to call its own. Officially known as the Medor Infini Double Tour Bracelet, the iconic stud essentially forms a precious clasp on the