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Louis vuitton Toupie Bag

A playful evening bag that reminds you a bit of Asian lanterns, meet the Louis Vuitton Toupie Bagfrom the Pre-Fall Winter 2019 Collection. The Toupie Bag is the perfect conversation starter because it looks different than regular clutch bag. It’s crafted in a disc shake like a Frisbee and there are 3

Louis Vuitton Pochette Trunk Verticale Bag

Verticale Bags are the next trend, do you have one yet? Louis Vuitton introduces the Pochette Trunk Verticale Bag for the Spring Summer 2019 Collection. The design of this bag looks very much like the Eye-Trunk Phone Case. The Pochette Trunk Verticale can hold not only 1 phone, but it can hold 2 phones. This

Louis Vuitton Artycapucines Bag

Louis Vuitton has a classic bag called Artsy, but this about taking the Capucines to a new level. The new collection gives artists an opportunity to express themselves on the Capucines Bag. With their imagination, they draw, create and embellished the Capucines as beautiful as paintings in the museums. This limited edition line is

Louis Vuitton Carmel Bag

Louis Vuitton innovates faster than light in the world of high fashion and that’s necessary to maintain its top position. Just lately, Louis Vuitton unleashed the Carmel Bag in store, which is a seasonal bag. The Camel Hobo Bag is a spacious bag crafted from Mahina Calf Leather. This Mahina print is created with Perforated

Louis Vuitton Beaumarchais Bag vs Louis Vuitton Vaugirard Bag

Both handbags have just been released. We have already reviewed the Louis Vuitton Vaugirard Bag. Not long after that, the Louis Vuitton Beaumarchais Bag has been introduced. However, they both look very much alike. Take a look at the Vaugirard Bag: Now compare it with the Beaumarchais Bag: So what are differences? 1. The Beaumarchais Bag features

Louis Vuitton Twist Guinguette Bag

Louis Vuitton Twist Guinguette Bag Just like the Chanel Trendy CC Bag and the Diorama Bag, Louis Vuitton has made the Twist Bag as the modern iconic piece of the house. This bag is refreshing and feels very LV. More over, it can be worn on casual moments or for going-out and about. For the Spring Summer 2019 Collection,