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Louis Vuitton Lockme Box

Don’t you love the Lockme Collection? There are endless of gorgeous things like the Louis Vuitton Lockme Box. If you ever need a cosmetic or jewelry case, the Lockme is there next to you. The Lockme Box is elegant, useful and perfect as a gift to receive or give. The vintage-inspired circular

Louis Vuitton Lockme Notebook Cover

There is a little rumor circulating in the blogger section of Instagram and only a few people know about it. It’s about a fashion item that everyone needs because it can keep track of your daily activities. Some say that it’s as useful as a handbag. We’re talking about the Louis

Louis Vuitton Twist Guinguette Bag

Louis Vuitton Twist Guinguette Bag Just like the Chanel Trendy CC Bag and the Diorama Bag, Louis Vuitton has made the Twist Bag as the modern iconic piece of the house. This bag is refreshing and feels very LV. More over, it can be worn on casual moments or for going-out and about. For the Spring Summer 2019 Collection,

Louis Vuitton Vaugirard Bag

Named after a unique street in Paris, Louis Vuitton has done it again. For those that are interested, Rue de Vaugirard (Vaugirard Street) is the longest street inside Paris Walls. It stretched 4.3 km (2.7 miles) and spans the 6th and 15th arrondissements. This street is a one-way road but it goes all the

Louis Vuitton Cruise 2020 Bag

Talking about fashion future, Louis Vuitton is going all-in. You think transparent handbags are going to conquer the world? How about installing an AMOLED screen on handbags? Louis Vuitton calls it: ‘Future Tones’ or the ‘Canvas of the future’ and we agree. It’s truly like something from the movie ‘back in the future’. This


Another newly crafted handbag has been added to the Very Collection. And if you haven’t heard about the Very Bags yet, it has been launched in the Fall Winter 2017 last year. The Collection includes: LOUIS VUITTON VERY BAG PRICE OVERVIEW Louis Vuitton Very Zipped Tote Bag Louis Vuitto Very Shoulder & Tote