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Prada Matinee Bag

Prada has released a lot of new handbags including playful pieces, but when it comes to crafting timeless saffiano totes, they’re still one of the best in terms of designs as well as durability. If you’re looking for a Prada Bag, perhaps you can try out the Prada Matinee Bag. The Matinee Bag is

Prada Emblème Bag

If you’re clumpsy, you want to stick with something like Prada’s Saffiano Leather. And definitely choose an irresistible bag like the Prada Embleme Bag. You can feel the Saffiano Leather – it’s solid, easy-to-clean and almost scratch-free (sound like heaven huh?). And the bag is gorgeous thanks to the single color and the

Prada Odette Heart Bag

First-launched in March 2019, Prada decided to re-make the Odette Bag. What was once half-moon shaped is now heart-shaped. And guess what? I absolutely love it. The name? Meet the Prada Odette Heart Bag. And maybe, you wanted to buy the Saint Laurent Love Heart Bag, but it didn’t fit your iPhone or Samsung

I’m Head Over Heels for Prada’s Daino Bags

Ten years ago marks the release of one of my favorite films, The Proposal. If you haven’t seen it, it’s an excellent rom-com that I cannot recommend to you more. It’s the perfect choice if you’re in the mood for an easy, feel-good movie. I loved it so much that I

Prada Heart Lock Bag

Introducing the Prada Heart Lock Bag, a new handbag for the Spring Summer 2019 Collection. And we love the style because the heart is immediately noticed on the center. Lovely right? The saffiano leather on this handbag is well known for its durability and smoothness. The flap features kind-of-like a Heart-Lock, which is a

Prada Cloudbust Thunder Knit Sneakers

IMAGE: PRADA Prada’s iconic Cloudbust Sneaker made a thunderous return at the Italian luxury brand’s Fall-Winter 2019 runway show, one that’s bigger and chunkier than ever before. It complemented pieces in the Frankenstein/Rocky Horror Show-themed collection, paired with everything from power suits and long overcoats, to knit sweaters and utility jackets, proving its versatility and