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Valentino Small VSLING Shoulder Bag

IMAGE: VALENTINO Walk into any Valentino boutique today and you will find yourself surrounded by a wide assortment of bags that come decorated with Valentino’s signature V. The most eye-catching design of the lot has got to be the original VLOGO series which sports an enlarged logo printed across sizeable totes and top

5 Valentino All Black Bags

All Blacks come and go. Some All Black handbags are only available for a limited time or certain seasons. The Valentino All Black Rockstud Lock Bag for example, is only available in consignment store right now. If you are an Bag Collector, then you will love this post. Here are the

Valentino Resort 2020 Bag

Ready, set and go. What’s in the Valentino Resort 2020 Bag Collection? This brand-new curved flap bag with logo embellished all over the body. The logos are put very gently on the flap as the attention goes to the center closure. If you take a good look at the closer, it’s


Belt Bags were as boring as the backpacks in the past. But now Belt Bags are trending as hard as the Backpacks. The biggest reason why is because the designer brands have created a multi-functional Belt Bags. Not only can they be carried around the waist, but also on the


As a part of the Spring Summer 2018 Collection, a much chic’er studded handbag has been released. It got a playful name – the Valentino Candystud Bag, but it’s more than just a fun bag. It’s beautiful, practical and adorned with the signature pyramid studs all over the body. The Design The Candystud


The Valentino Garavani Tote and Shoulder Bag have always been the house’s most famous handbags. But we were always missing an important style, which is the backpack. And it’s not until recently, when backpack became the new trend, that Valentino started designing their own version. It’s called the Valentino Garavani Twiny


Look what I’ve just discovered. It’s cute, small and adorable. And I absolutely don’t mind the bag screaming Valentino wherever I go. So take a look at the Valentino Candy Bag – it’s a new creation and the name alone makes you fall in love, over and over again. So what if